Parts DAF and Volvo 66/300

Types of parts

The DAFhobby range consists of various products and parts from historic DAF and Volvo 66/300 cars. The product range is currently being carefully expanded. Can’t find the product you’re looking for? Please don’t hesitate to contact us!
The parts can be divided into the following categories:

New parts

You can find a wide range of new parts at DAFhobby. From ball joints to exhausts. Everything is specially produced to order. Many DAF and Volvo 66/300 parts are very rare and therefore difficult to obtain. That is why we approach specific suppliers who custom manufacture these parts especially for us and our customers.

New old stock (NOS)

DAFhobby is also the right place for new old parts. These parts are obtained by us from enthusiasts of DAF and / or Volvo 66/300 cars or purchased from former DAF and / or Volvo dealers.

Used parts

These parts use to come from donor cars. These cars have been written off, but individual parts are still being fine to be re-used. Before these cars are disassembled, we test the recyclable parts. In this way the functionality is guaranteed. You can recognize these parts by the article number that ends with a G.

Overhauled parts

Many parts for DAF and Volvo 66/300 cars are no longer available. A reconditioned part is then the best solution. These are parts that we have professionally overhauled by specialized companies. From starters to dynamos to brake parts. After this treatment, all parts are as good as new.

We work with a deposit system for overhauled parts. Everything to help our customers as quickly as possible. In this case, we will send the customer a reconditioned part. A deposit is paid on this. As soon as the old part is back at DAFhobby, the customer will receive his / her deposit back.