About us

Our mision

DAFhobby originated as a hobby that got out of hand. A hobby of Danny Muijtjens. Before starting his business, he never expected it to turn out like this. Every year, more than 2,000 packages with DAF and Volvo parts are sent out. In short, his ambition knows no bounds. DAFhobby now supplies items all over the world. From Spain to Belarus and from America to New Zealand. We are working hard to achieve the company’s mission; The worldwide sale of both used and new parts for all series models that have left Van Doorne’s Automobile factory over the years. Products that are world famous to this day.

Today DAFhobby is located in the beautiful town of Sittard, located in the very south of the Netherlands. At our location we have enough space to store the thousands of products. Danny is active with DAF and VOLVO parts every day. You will experience this when you are looking for any specific part that you need. Danny not only thinks along with you but ensures also that you are on the road again as soon as possible!